In front of the video screen, you are in the driver’s seat. The crowd is roaring ... the engines rumbling. You await the green flag. Pedal to the metal, you hear the roar of 650 horses and smell the burning rubber. It’s a tight race, sweat beading down your face. As you round turn four, your tires squeal and the smell of burning rubber becomes more intense. Down the last stretch, the checkered flag awaits you. The smell of fresh crisp air surrounds you as you enter the winner’s circle. Before Pinoke, you could only see and hear the game. With Pinoke, you are in the game. Gaming will never be the same, not to mention your senses.

Aromas enhance the actions of the game by bringing natural smells to the gamer; however, the use of aroma goes much deeper. Studies have shown that aromas can be used to trigger fear, excitement and many other emotions. Adding this dimension to games will create a more realistic gaming experience. technology offers an affordable, reliable way to add the next sensory dimension to games. created a prototype aroma generating system, code-named Pinoke, to demonstrate how compact and simple the technology can be in a gaming environment. A Pinoke type device could reside next to your monitor, directly in front of you or even be worn similar to a doctor's stethoscope. Pinoke embodies only one possibility of how technology could be incorporated into cutting-edge gaming platforms. Digital signals written into software code trigger the aroma generator to emit precise amounts of the appropriate aroma. The mohawk atop Pinoke is an aroma cartridge, which is simply removed and replaced when the aroma materials are consumed.

Pinoke will awaken your senses and enhance your gaming experience like never before. For additional information about this patent pending technology and to see the prototype, Pinoke, visit at the following shows:

Game Developers Conference
San Jose, CA March 8-12, 2000

Los Angeles, CA May 11-13, 2000.